Dueling Dynamics (Rom 7:1-6)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – February 28, 2010 “DUELING DYNAMICS” (The Law and The Spirit) (Romans 7:1-6) Intro … Today in our journey through the Book of Romans we come to Romans chapter seven – a most challenging chapter; it’s a chapter that many find bewildering or even cause for consternation. They might say, “I wish […]

How To Live A Grace Filled Life (Rom 6:11-23)

 Pastor Mark Mikels – February 21, 2010 “HOW TO LIVE A GRACE-FILLED LIFE” (Romans 6:11-23) Intro … This morning we complete the message that we began three weeks ago … That message was titled: “How To Live A Sin-Free Life.” In that message we discussed both the problems and the blessings of living “sin-free” – […]

How To Live A Sin-Free Life (Rom 6:1-23)

Pastor Mark Mikels – January 31, 2010 “HOW TO LIVE A SIN-FREE LIFE” (Romans 6:1-23) Intro … Have you checked out the title of today’s message? It’s “How To Live A Sin-Free Life” … Today’s message is actually the first of two messages arising from Romans Chapter Six (one of the greatest chapters in all […]

History’s Two Most Significant Men (Rom 5:12-21)

Pastor Mark Mikels – January 24, 2010 “HISTORY’S TWO MOST SIGNIFICANT MEN” (Romans 5:12-21) Intro … The title of today’s message is “History’s Two Most Significant Men” … Now for those of you who have not already sneaked a peek at today’s sermon outline and figured it out, I would like you to take a […]

A Grace Filled Life (Rom 5:1-11)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – January 17, 2010 “A GRACE-FILLED LIFE” (Romans 5:1-11) Intro … Today we come to another most significant passage of Scripture – it’s the passage that begins our transition into the heart of the Book of Romans – a passage that begins the revelation of the fullness of the Christian Life. We […]

Faith-Works (Rom 4)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – January 10, 2010 “FAITH-WORKS” (Romans 4; Genesis 12-25) Intro … Today’s Key Scripture is one of the most significant, one of the most important in all Scripture. We find it in the third verse of Romans chapter four though Paul was merely passing along what Moses himself had written over 1,200 […]

The Value Of The Law (Rom 3:19-31)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – January 3, 2010 “THE VALUE OF THE LAW” (Romans 3:19-31) Intro … This morning, as we prepare for our first communion service of the New Year, we come to a passage in Romans that could not be more appropriate – Romans 3:19-31. Follow along as I read … Now we know […]

The Devastation Wrought By Sin (Rom 3:9-18)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – December 20, 2009 “THE DEVASTATION WROUGHT BY SIN” (Romans 3:9-18) Intro … The topic of sin is neither common nor popular today though it used to be the central topic of almost any Christian message. Reminds me of a cartoon I read quite some years ago … a little boy came […]

The Value of a Christian Home (Rom 3:1-2)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – December 13, 2009 “THE VALUE OF A CHRISTIAN HOME” (Romans 3:1-2) Intro … This morning I want to talk about “The Value of a Christian Home”. It’s a topic stimulated by the first two verses contained in our passage of the week … Romans 3:1-2 … The rest of the passage […]

Making God Look Bad (Rom 2:17-29)

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Pastor Mark Mikels – December 6, 2009 “MAKING GOD LOOK BAD” (Romans 2:17-29) Intro … This morning in preparation for a time of soul-searching, life-renewing communion with Christ, I would draw your attention to what I’m calling … A HORRIBLE INDICTMENT … (It’s the indictment the Apostle Paul leveled against the self-righteous Jews of his […]