Pastor Mark's Books

Pastor Mark frequently converts his sermon series into electronic books. We hope these resources help you better experience and express the life of the Son.

A Man After God’s Own Heart (Book)

It certainly wasn’t David’s Perfection that earned him that title. It was how David dealt with his Imperfection that did. God loves those who handle imperfection perfectly! We’re going to settle down in an extensive section of the Scripture and take an intensive look at a particular man of God. The Section of Scripture is 1st and 2nd […]

Worship: The Crown Jewel (Book)

Is what we call ‘Worship’ really worship? Does it meet God’s standards? Does it truly honor and elevate our Heavenly Father? How does God want to be worshipped and how important is worship, anyway? Download the Series Book: THE CROWN JEWEL Listen to the Series: Worship: The Crown Jewel

Apprehending Abba (Book)

What is your Heavenly Father really like? Why did Jesus say that ‘Knowing Him’ was the very definition of Eternal Life? The series, “Apprehending Abba,” completes a quartet of messages Pastor Mark taught to direct our attention to the three members of the Godhead, directing our attention to and stirring our hearts by the discovery […]

Mirror Image (Book)

What does it mean to be Christ-Like? How does one become Christ-Like? What would it be like to look in your mirror and see the face of Jesus looking back at you? Download the Series Book: MIRROR IMAGE Listen to the Series: CHRIST’S MIRROR IMAGE

Walking with Pneuma (Book)

Who ‘companions’ the Believer – What is His task and how does he do it? “This series contains what I believe will be the most important series of messages that I will ever preach.” — Pastor Mark   Download the Series Book: WALKING WITH PNEUMA Listen to the Series: Walking With Pneuma

Looking Unto Jesus (Book)

Who is this ‘Jesus’ who no longer walks the Earth: this One who delegated the safe keeping of the Believer to the ‘Companion’ he sent? What is this ‘Jesus’ doing right now and how does his present-day ministry in heaven affect His Followers on Earth? “My life has been powerfully impacted by the truths discovered in the […]

Grace is the Key (Book)

Some call ‘Ephesians’ the Greatest of all Paul’s Epistles. Its pages are ‘Soaked in Grace’ – Its purpose is to fill us with the same. Download the Series Book: GRACE IS THE KEY Listen to the Series: Grace Is The Key

Delighting in God’s Law (Book)

The writer of Psalm 119 saw the Law the same way Jesus did – as something that when truly fulfilled would bring life as God intended it to be … abundant and free! After concluding our nearly year-long examination of the ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ we have come to understand that God’s Law is not all […]

Kingdom Living (Book)

Jesus revolutionized all life on Earth with His ‘Sermon on the Mount.’ His teachings touch every base in never before thought of ways. Download the Series Book: KINGDOM LIVING Listen to the Series: Kingdom Living

Church Under Construction (Book)

What is the Church of Jesus Christ actually supposed to be? What if a set of blueprints were discovered that described in detail exactly how Christ’s Church was intended to be built? Would you be interested in reading them? As Sonlife was building its first building, Pastor Mark took the opportunity to teach through a series […]