Our Sunday Worship

Our Worship Team

Celebration In Song … blending contemporary praise music with the old hymns of the faith, the Sonlife Worship Team seeks to lead the congregation each week into an intimate encounter with our gracious, loving Heavenly Father. The emphasis is upon congregational praise rather than upon “special music.” The entire family (first grade and older) is included in the worship service. During the Pastor’s message, elementary students are dismissed to their own class.

Celebration In Prayer … at the heart of every Sonlife Worship Service is our ” Garden of Prayer” – an opportunity for people to respond to the Lords invitation to “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened”. In that “gathering of petition and surrender’ great strength to face life’s uncertainties is found.

Celebration in Giving … the first Sunday of every month is designated ” First Fruits Sunday” when, along with the sharing of communion, the congregation presents its ” First Fruits Offering” to the Lord. The concept of the “First Fruits Offering” is found on the Deuteronomy 26 harvest time instruction to the people of Israel.

Celebration In Commitment … the first Sunday of February each year is designated “Commitment Sunday” and all of our Sonlife families ” Walk the Aisles” and sign the “Membership Book” pledging themselves for that year to ” Live as Sonlife Christians and as members of Sonlife Community Church”.

Each signing “member” will be presented with a one year Membership Commitment Card.