About Us

Sonlife Community Church came into being in the summer of 1994 as a result of a compelling vision for a “different kind of church”… a non-traditional church that would be Cell-Based rather then Program-Based… Centered on People rather than Structure and organization… Focused on developing people rather than property… Interested in “experiencing and sharing the Life of God’s Son” (Sonlife) rather than promoting any particular brand of “denominational” life.

The inaugural Sunday was September 18, 1994 and the initial meeting place was the Chapel of Victor Valley Mortuary in Victorville. Sonlife Church continued to hold Sunday Morning Service at the “Chapel” until June of 1998 at which time the congregation re-located its place of worship to Vista Campana Middle School in Apple Valley.

Sonlife Church had grown to a “Membership” of 150 and had seen its “Vision fleshed out in a viable and beautiful reality. The congregation had experienced 9+ years of simple structure and consistent pursuit of its definition of the Christian Life: “Following Christ in fellowship with my peers”. For our Sonlife people “Cell Life is Church Life”. A wonderful unity of heart and mind has developed among the people.

For business and legal purposes, the “corporate authority” is vested in the Board of Overseers thus eliminating the necessity of congregational business meeting. “Membership” within the congregation is for the purpose of forming an “Identity of Ministry” and is on an annual, voluntary, renewable basis. Each year on the first Sunday in February the congregation “Walks the Aisle” and literally “Signs on the dotted line” communicating their continued commitment to Jesus Christ and to his work in and through Sonlife Community Church.

Having taken 9 years to establish and stabilize an understanding of its particular “Style and philosophy of Ministry”, the leadership of Sonlife Community Church believed that the time had come to take the initial steps toward establishing a more visible witness within the Town of Apple Valley. That belief had stimulated the decision to purchase a 2.15 acres piece of prime property on the corner of Apple Valley Road and Ottawa in Apple Valley.

Construction of our new church building began in the spring of 2006 and after a little more than a year the building was finished. On June 3rd, 2007 the congregation held a Dedication Service and on Sunday June 10th,2007 Sonlife Community Church opened its doors to the community with its first full service.

The goal of the congregation is to reach out to the rather extensive neighborhood surrounding its chosen site with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to draw as many people as possible into the experience of His Life: Sonlife.