The Spiritual ‘Gifting’ of Showing Mercy

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Eleeo is another of those single Greek words that requires a couple of English words for translation.

Eleeo is the Greek word for mercy but it’s more than just that.

“Eleeo” focuses our attention upon the ‘actions of one who is
merciful.’ It’s usually used in the context of a request from someone
who is in some sort of dire trouble.

We are calling this the ‘Gifting’ of “SHOWING MERCY.”

That’s how the NIV and the KJV translate it …
If it is showing mercy (‘eleeo’) … (NIV)
He that showeth mercy (‘eleeo’)… (KJV)
(Romans 12:8d)

Speaker: Mark Mikels :: Passage: Romans 12:8; Matthew 9:27-30; 15:21-28; 17:14-18; 20:29-34; Luke 17:11-14