Meet Our Pastor


I’m Pastor Mark, and this is my beautiful wife Linda.¬†I just can’t express in words the joy I have to serve the as the pastor of Sonlife Community Church.

In the fall of 1994, it was my privilege¬†to oversee the founding of Sonlife Community Church—a unique “Experiment in Church Life” as the information on the rest of this website will attest. 22 years in “regular” church ministry had served to convince me that there had to be a simpler / purer way to “do church” than the highly programmed, specialized and even mechanized system that had evolved in our contemporary America.

Where was the “lifestyle church” — the church where the disciples gathered regularly for genuine heart-felt worship (not just for great preaching or entertainment) and then “lived out the implications of Christ’s Life” in their daily lives?

Where was the “church family” — the fellowship of those who “encourage one another” and “love one another” and “pray for one another” and ‘bear with one another” and even “confess their sins to one another”?

Where would such personal ministries even take place in the typical church where people frequently hardly even know one another?

Sonlife Community Church has come into being in response to those questions, and I have been most delighted to see the manner in which our “answers” have come together.

If your heart yearns for a place where people are more important than programs and where the worship of God is more central than personalities and where “Following Christ in fellowship with my peers” is the main focus of the Christian Life, then I would encourage you to come and pay us a visit. Sonlife Community Church might just be the place for you!